Social Media

Social media strategies and tactics for the job search

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using social media to reach out to candidates. 

In 2012, 92% of recruiters surveyed by Jobvite stated that they used social media to support their recruitment effort, 73% stated that they hired a candidate identified through social media

This workshop will help you understand and leverage social media platforms to harness this growing trend

Key topics:

  • What is social media?
  • Understanding social recruiting/social job search
  • Understanding the main platforms in the context of the job search
  • Social job search strategies and tactics
  • ·What happens in Vegas…  ends up on social media, find out what may hurt your search
  • ·Integrating social media in your overall job search strategy
  • ·Identifying the platforms that fit your job search strategy
  • Developing and managing your online brand
  • Segmenting your databases to target your audiences
  • Optimizing your profile for searches
  • Establishing your expertise
  • Strategically growing your network
  • Out of sight out of mind: Staying front and center
  •  Tools to help you maximize your social media time