Planning a Job Search Campaign

Job Search Campaign How to Organize a Job Search Campaign in 2013 Before embarking on a job search campaign, must have a well thought out strategy that provides a game plan for your job search campaign.

Look at your job search campaign as a marketing campaign, with you, the job seeker, as the product.

Your campaign will begin with a comprehensive, yet flexible plan. First things first, who are you and what knowledge skills and abilities you bring to the table? Next, what employers would be interested in your knowledge skills and abilities?

Your job-search plan would incorporate a number of different job-finding methods, described in this module. Plan how much time you are going to spend pursuing different avenues and set up a specific weekly schedule for yourself.


This fast-paced, interactive program is for job seekers wanting to learn more about How to organize their job search campaign and best prepare to take on the demands of your job search campaign.


  • Presentation Topics Job Search vs. Marketing Campaign
  • Time Management
  • Where to Look for a Job?
  • Create a Wishlist
  • Self-Assessment
  • Job Search Documents
  • Create an Objective Statement
  • It is All About Job Postings…or Not
  • Sources of Research
  • A Word about Recruiters
  • Questions
  • Lead Research
  • Job Boards
  • The Human Resources Connection
  • Assess Your Progress