Networking & Netweaving

Networking & Netweaving          

Navigating Through Today’s Job Market Realities

How do YOUR job search activities fit together?  Most experts including Marissa Marsala agree that Networking & Netweaving are the most effective way to land that next job meant just for you.  In fact, Marissa sees these skills as the mission-critical pieces of the job search puzzle.  When used together and properly put in place, they can radically ramp-up your progress, catapulting you to your goal.  Improving these skills and understanding how to naturally use them can help you navigate through the social interaction jungle with confidence and a laser-like focus.

Target Audience:

This interactive workshop is for job seekers who want to learn how to recognize and improve their Networking & Netweaving efforts, and use them with more comfort and ease.  This session will cover Networking & Netweaving “Do(s)” and a few “Don’t’(s).”

Key Topics:


  • “Test Drive” social networking on a personal level & join professional sites
  • Join groups (e.g., LinkedIn,, ToastMasters, Rotary, industry groups, professional organizations (if affordable), etc.)
  • Refine/improve your networking skills
  • Arrive early at events to reduce stress, get a good seat, get familiar with the meeting space, and establish rapport with the host.  Offer to assist the host, and you’re likely to be a hit.  As guests arrive, introduce yourself and get guests oriented. Helping guests to feel comfortable will break the ice and make it easier for you to open dialogues with others.
  • Create a short, succinct, compelling career summary (“Elevator Pitch”)
  • Volunteer, apprentice or take a class
  • Take an inventory of your network, and “work it” regularly
  • Learn the diplomatic art of self promotion
  • Go to as many free or low-cost networking events as possible
  • Plan and track all of your activity via a log, thank everyone along the way and keep them posted about your progress — especially if they helped move you forward
  • Build up your LinkedIn network.  Set weekly and monthly goals.  Study the profiles of those you want to meet including the groups they have joined, interests they have, etc., and try to network in through others.
  • Put structure in your week and set goals (X number of career transition events, one-on-one networking meetings/coffees, netwalks, industry events, etc.)
  • Consider creative approaches such as being at eateries your target company employees frequent, participate or volunteer at target company community events,
  • Drop off resumes, call companies to get internal contacts and convert them to your champion
  • Make sure your activities produce results:  Have “soft & hard” goals for every event


  • Forget to say thank you to all those who have helped you
  • Ever stop networking!  You must touch base with those in your network regularly and ask them how you can support them now or in the future … and follow through!
  • Drop out or fail to follow up when someone provides advice or a contact. 
  • Send employers, recruiters and those who offer to pass your resume on “.docx” Word documents
  • Use track changes or if you do, turn off this function, then copy and paste the corrected document in a new Word document.
  • Name files with “telling” information that may be unflattering:  MarissaMarsala_Generic_Resume5thversion
  • Write to professionals from unprofessional email addresses such as “ or