InlandNet Orientation

Welcome to InlandNet.  We hope that the material you receive during the 6 Module presentations over the next 3 months will provide information that will result in your successful transition to a new job. This Orientation will be given prior to the beginning of each Module, so you don’t have to attend the Orientation every time. This presentation provides both background information and information on how we will conduct the meetings. There will be Networking/Netweaving time both before the Orientation and after the presentation.


Everyone attending InlandNet


  • Why Change?
  • What’s “New”?
  • Program Modules
  • Other Resources
  • Getting Started – What You Can Do Now
  • Critiques and Volunteer Opportunities

Evening Event Sequence:

6:00pm – Doors open for Registration and Networking/Netweaving
6:30pm – Orientation begins
7:00pm – Presentation begins
8:30pm — Networking/Netweaving
9:00pm – Meeting over