This page identifies and describes the InlandNet Training Program.  Each  Program Cycle includes 6 Workshops.  An Orientation to the program will precede each presentation.  Each Workshop will be presented once in each cycle and in the same rotational sequence.  The outline for each Module will be the same; however, the exact content of each presentation may vary slightly with each presenter.  The presenter of each training Module will be identified in the Calendar.  Clicking on the short title of any Module will bring up a detailed description of the content.  There will be time for Networking/Netweaving before the Orientation and after each presentation.  Every participant must attend 1 Orientation and register before joining the InlandNet Yahoo Group.

Module Schedule Dates
Orientation Every Meeting  
Planning a Job Search Campaign 1st Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
Resumes & Job Descriptions 2nd Wednesday Jan 22
Interviewing Techniques 3rd Wednesday Jan 29
Mock Interviews 4th Wednesday Feb 5
Social Media 5th Wednesday Feb 12
Networking & Netweaving 6th Wednesday Feb 19

Personal Resume Reviews and Interview Practices can be scheduled during each Workshop.

To schedule a review or practice, please contact the Scheduler.