InmandNet We Can HelpWelcome to InlandNet

Welcome to the new InlandNet website. While we maintained many of the old sections, we added some new features that we hope will help you in your transition activities. Also, we updated the look of the website and improved its functionality.

For example, you will find a new Career Links section. The details on how to use the links are explained in that section. We will continue to send individual job notifications through our Yahoo Group.

There is also a new Training section. This section provides an outline of the 6 Core Modules that make up the meeting presentation program and identifies when each of the modules will be presented. It also will explain how to schedule individual resume reviews and interview practices, once the 2nd presentation cycle begins in June 2013.

Finally, there is a new Sponsors & Services section. This section contains logos or links to our sponsors and other services that may help you during your career transition. Because our sponsors are supporting us, we ask that you support them when appropriate. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future improvements.

Our Mission

The mission of the InlandNet interfaith ministry is to assist those in transition, regardless of whether they are unemployed, under employed, or in career transition. In addition to providing resume writing, interviewing, and other typical job search services, InlandNet provides resources that are not normally available at networking events. These include, but are not limited to, spiritual guidance and personal counseling for participants and their families. And, there is never a charge for the service.

If you are not in transition, we encourage you to come by and share insights into the people and companies you know and who can add value to the networking process.

We do not allow the promotion of personal businesses in our networking meetings. However, if you or your company offers services of benefit to job seekers, we welcome you to attend our meetings and make yourself available to members after the meeting.